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According to a study by the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, 37% of people believe in haunted houses, 25% believe that UFOs are spaceships from other worlds, and 13% of people believe in psychics. And no matter what you believe, there’s no question that a steady stream of people have been finding their way to Alcoa Highway and to Rose Renee, who calls herself the South’s number one psychic. Rose Renee reads palms, tarot cards and does astrology. "The palms tell you a little bit about your past and present and answers some questions about your life, not about your loved ones or not about your family. 

The cards tell you everything. The cards tells you about your friends about your family and about your loved ones, what direction you got to go into," she said. Rose Renee says she comes from a long line of psychics. Her first insight came at the tender age of 3 and she’s been telling fortunes for 40+ years. 

A mother of four and grandmother of three, Rose Renee counts lawyers and doctors among her clientele. She said, "A lot of people come in to my home. They’re stressed out….They want to know questions and answers." But there are some answers that Rose Renee won’t give. She says that she has never foreseen a death and she will never recommend divorce. And though Rose Renee gets questions on every subject, the most common question she gets is about business. 

"They want to know what direction their business is going in," said said. And though Rose Renee’s gift of sight seems other-worldly, she believes she knows exactly where her gift comes from. "It is a gift from God. God gives me the strength to guide people to open doors." Rose Renee sees clients at 4301 Airport Highway (983-9945) in Knoxville.

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Rose Rene Psychic

Rose Renee 4301 Airport Highway Louisville, TN 37777 US

(865) 983-9945